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DWH-class banking system on the IBM platform and modules



DWH system is a specially-organized database, which provides for collection of information, its storage and quick access to the object-oriented data using a wide range of BI tools.

When data is placed to the warehouse, there is also transformation, aggregation and contradictions elimination take place thus allowing various users to use DWH  as the only source of reliable information.





  • Data sources (files, databases, web services)
  • Loading, Transformation (Oracle Data Integrator or Bars ETL)
  • Data Warehouse (Oracle RDBMS EE)
  • Data Scheme (BarsDWH)
  • Data Analysis (Oracle BIEE or BarsDWH)
  • Process Coordinator (BarsDWH)

“Data Warehouse” system is designed to consolidate the accounting data contained in the regional databases into a centralized data warehouse for further development of consolidated financial statements and data provision to third-party systems through appropriate services.

  • Integration with ABS online
  • Multi-vector – centralization of accounting information for all managers of Ukraine
  • Setting limits on the accounts, according to users, limits templates
  • Flexible configuration of reports in different formats
  • Modern interface and proven reliability




  • Reporting generation
  • 24/7 Access to information
  • Automatic Data Uploading
  • Downloading to DWH
  • Downloading to DM
  • Download status display