Servicing system for credit operations and automation of credit institutions with full cycle of customers servicing

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  • Establishment of the loan agreement – borrower’s , credit transaction and securities parameters registration, construction of COD, calculation of the effective interest, formation of printed forms, authorization by the rule of “two hands”
  • Issuance of funds – transfer to the card account, on arbitrary bank details or cash withdrawal, caused by implementation of the transaction
  • Credit agreement servicing – accrual of interest and penalties, imposition on the delay, automatic analysis of loan repayments, etc.
  • Repayment of the loan – use of repayment accounts, and planned early repayment, redemption through the BOD, enumeration of the BOT, use of self-service terminals (Ibox, Bnk24 etc.)
  • Restructuring – support of many restructuring types (longation, change of percentage rate, loan amount, etc.)




  • Display of all transactions on-line
  • Role-based approach – provides a set of roles in the module to perform various operations (loan officer, accountant, analyst, etc.), distribution of access rights according to the established role
  • Parameterization – Set the parameters on the basis of credit products directories, financial accounting model, printed patterns, transactions
  • Reserve calculation – “seamless” integration with the module for calculating the reserve, automatic calculation and accounting of reserve according to the NBU resolution №23
  • Integration with third-party systems – interoperability with third-party systems, such as software for payroll accounting





  • Automating processes requests to external systems (credit reference bureau, MIA, etc.) manual checks of applications (call to the place of work, etc.), verification of business rules
  • Ability to place customers operation sites anywhere (implementation of user interface based on Web-technologies)
  • Direct interaction with image capture device
  • Adaptation of workflow and credit application processing to customer’s requirements
  • Focus on the top speed of credit applications processing (issueance of consumed credit without bail in 20 minutes)
  • Minimizing the risk of fraud by automating parameters selection and minimizing manual data entry