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Corp 2 – reliable and time-tested system of remote service with a wide range of functionality, allows bank customers to manage their accounts around the clock, without leaving the office. With the help of the system Customers have instant access and control the complete volume of information on the state of the accounts. In this case the information exchanged between the Customer and the Bank, the system is secured and inaccessible to unauthorized persons. The system is constantly being developed and improved, so that it became the basis for the following products of the company, the updated system Corp 3and  CorpLight.





JSC "Oschadbank"The State Treasury Service of UkrainePAT "Settlement Center"





  • Withstands rush hours with 2,000 – 3,000 concurrent users
  • Corporate Client-Bank has more than 20,000 users
  • Handles 200,000 accounts and 300,000 – 400,000 documents per day





  • The only visa approval (used for individuals and self-employed persons)
  • Dual visa approval (standard for legal persons (accountant, director))
  • Triple visa approval (used for corporate control (accountant, director, controller)

Controller visa in triple visa is referred to as “consistent”. This means that it can be applied only after the visa of Accountant and Director. Meanwhile, visas of the Accountant and Director may be imposed in an arbitrary manner. Total number of visas could be increased to 10 with established order and priority. Also support conditional visas – according to indicated rule (e.g. in excess of a certain amount or on a certain number of the account \ recipient \ bank, etc.) – only when the condition is met, visa will be assigned to the document.





Each input type, you can separately enable or disable. It supports various media secret key (token, smart card, etc.). In addition, the channel’s own secret key encryption (using the crypto-gateway Bars Gateway)

  • Username and normal password
  • Token for generating of one-time password (optional for multiple)
  • One-time password by SMS, generated virtual token (in addition to the multiple one)
  • Electronic digital key for use in cryptographic transformations (enter by key input). The same key is used to impose digital signature on documents