Key points

  • A specialist on the customer's site
  • Separately, a dedicated team of specialists to work with a particular client
  • Fixed costs and the price

The methodology of project management Mixed - Waterfall in conjunction with AGILE at each stage. The project has a clear framework and budget. Software development is carried out in the following steps.

  • ● Preparing the documents initiating, organizing workflow, discussion of the scheme and communication frequency, the description of the working groups. The result is a phase of "Project Charter"

  • ● Research and clarify: collection, analysis and formalization of customer requirements (definition of the system architecture, functional and non-functional requirements, design, prototype form). The result is a phase of technical specification or the specification of requirements for software development

  • ● Development of specifications and testing of developed software and to programming and testing methods to ensure continuous monitoring of the quality of the product produced by the use of approaches Test Driven Development and Continuous integration, the SVN version control system, conduct problems and error (bug tracker)

  • ● Implementing and configuring the software on site at the customer

In the course of the project takes place before the customer reports on the results of certain sprints between the customer and the length. Selected approaches to ensure the implementation of quality assurance of IT products created.