90 professionals of different directions


  • ● IT developers
  • ● Business Intelligence
  • ● Project managers
  • ● Support experts
  • ● Design
  • ● Software architects
  • ● Testers
  • ● Banking consultants

UNITY-BARS - leading Ukrainian IT company  in development and implementation of the banking software.

ESTABLISHED in 1991 in Kyiv, the company has been confidently holding the status of the progressive, efficient and modern banking core systems developer.

UNITY-BARS - individual in-house software development, software implementation and support.

UNITY-BARS – promptly customises its own basic developments to customer’s requirements, which makes our products exceptionally convenient and efficient in use.


Meeting customers’ technical IT needs, automation of various activities directions and scopes.


Implementation and refinement of modern information system in financial and other domains.


  • Transparency at work, trust and respect to customers, partners and employees
  • Decisions expediency and practical knowledge
  • Business security


Artem Yurchenko
Computer Systems Designer
Tsabeha Yana
HR Manager
Lanbina Olga
Director of Project Management and Business Analysis Department
Shyhyda Rita
Project Manager
Tereschenko Julia
Computer Systems analyst
Suhova Tatiana
Deputy Director General
Suftin Eugene
Senior Software Engineer of the Software Implementation and Maintenance Department
Eugene Soshko
Director of the Software Implementation and Maintenance Department
Kobernyuk Yaroslav
Deputy Director of the Software Implementation and Maintenance Department
Pastushenko Oksana
Head of Technical Documentation Department
Ovcharuk Anatoly
Head of Accounting, Backup, Financial and Statistical Statement Department No.2
Muzika Oleg
Deputy Director of the Software Development and Testing Department
Savchenko Andrei
Information Manager
Mishchenko Alexandra
Project Manager
Martsenyuk Lyudmila
Senior Software Engineer
Malorosiyanov Michael
Software Engineer of the Software Implementation and Support Department
Lazarenko Andrew
Project Manager
Korotkov Sergey
Head of System-Support
Kozachok Vitalij
Senior Software Engineer
Hudyma Igor
Senior Software Engineer of the SSCU Project Management
Gorobets Sergey
Head of Innovation Department
Virko Tatyana
Head of Accounting Department
Sukhov Andrey
Deputy General Director
Kondakov Valery
General Director
Kaduchenko Yaroslava
Administrative Director